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Guitar Warm-Up Exercises

Guitar Warm-Up Exercises

Play along with one of the nine level specific warmups below, corresponding to each of the nine levels of Beginner Guitar classes at NYC Guitar School. They are pedagogically designed to gradually consolidate skills including picking, strumming, fretting, crosspicking, playing subdivisions and more. And they only take a few minutes!

Which one should you play?

That’s easy–play along with each in turn until you find one that is too hard. Don’t be dismayed if that means the first or second level–because these warmups get tricky!

When you do find your level of carnage, go back to the previous warmup, the last one that you could play along with. That’s your warmup!

Select your class warm up video by clicking on the dropdown arrow in the top left corner of the video!


You now know your level and can sign up for a class that matches your current abilities!


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