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Suzuki Guitar Lessons and Classes

Suzuki Guitar Lessons and Classes

Suzuki Guitar

Classical Guitar for Kids Ages 3+
• Free consultation and personalized learning plan.
• Weekly one-on-one lessons.
• Weekly fun group classes that stimulate learning in young children.
• Seasonal recitals to celebrate progress.
• Highly experienced Suzuki trained teachers.
• Flexible scheduling, including free lesson rescheduling.


Revolutionary, Proven Music Education for Young Kids

The Suzuki Guitar Method is a special way to teach music to children ages three and up. A student’s teacher and parents work together to create an environment in which children can learn music easily and naturally.

Through our Suzuki program’s weekly private lessons and weekly group classes, students learn excellent guitar technique, beginning music theory, and how to enjoy creating music together! Suzuki guitar lessons also develop a child’s confidence, their self-discipline, and their memory.

Why Suzuki?

The Suzuki Guitar Method is very successful with young kids for a variety of reasons. Lessons are broken down into such small steps that kids can’t fail, while at the same time they are kept fun and engaging. Parent involvement plays a large role. Along with their child, parents will work with their trained and experienced Suzuki guitar teacher to learn the basics of guitar and become the home educator. Don’t worry, as parents you don’t need to be musical, we’ll teach you everything you need to know.

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