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What is the Fundamental Secret to Playing Guitar Successfully?

What is the Fundamental Secret to Playing Guitar Successfully?

Perhaps you want to play guitar because you really love music, and you want to be able to
make beautiful music yourself. Maybe you want to eventually play music with other people,
or write your own songs, or play for your toddler or perhaps you want to be a rock star!
All of these and others are fine reasons to play guitar.

Regardless of your particular motivation, let us recognize the one thing that you MUST
do on your way to achieving your goals. To be a guitar player you must play guitar!
That?s right! If you truly want to play guitar, let us understand right now that you
are going to have to pick up your guitar, hold it in your hands, and play it to the
best of your ability. This is called ?practicing?, and the more often you practice the
more and the sooner you will realize your goal and desire of being a guitar player.

In your studies at New York City Guitar School, you will gain a solid understanding
of the habits and techniques necessary for a lifetime of guitar enjoyment and learning.
Your teachers will present these powerful ideas to you in a clear and uplifting manner.
But as committed and enthusiastic as the teachers at New York City Guitar School are,
they will not deserve the credit for your progress. The credit will be all yours; playing guitar is in your hands.

If you will only pick up your guitar and play it regularly, then with the aid of your
teachers you will soon be amazing yourself. In fact, I think you will be surprised by
how easily and comfortably you will learn. To play guitar with confidence and skill,
make a deep and powerful commitment right now to the fundamental secret of playing guitar:

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? TO MASTER GUITAR PLAYING


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