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What’s Love Got To Do With It?
Re-Ignite Your Guitar Passion With These Five Simple Tips

What’s Love Got To Do With It?
Re-Ignite Your Guitar Passion With These Five Simple Tips

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I remember the first time I saw her. ?A thrill ran though me as I admired her looks, colors and curves. ? I immediately started wondering what it would feel like to run my fingers along her neck and ?touch her body. ?And I was filled with curiosity about where she came from, what she would sound like, why she had a bridge mounted humbucker pick-up, and how much it would cost to take her home.


That first year, I spent every waking moment with my new Telecaster–but recently I’ve realized that my guitar playing has gotten into a rut. ?Luckily, it’s Valentine’s Day, and?best selling relationship author, Terri Orbuch, PhD (aka The Love Doctor) has some tips bout how to reignite passion in a relationship.


1. Engage in a new activity with your partner. ?Orbuch says “Doing novel activities with your partner enables you to reexperience the original emotional state?

DO IT: ?Mix up your playing: learn a new song, change your practice routine, or take a new class or change teachers.

2. Do something that kicks up your adrenaline and arousal.

Orbuch says: ?Studies show that the arousal that?s created through [an adrenaline-producing] activity can get transferred to your partner and your relationship.?

DO IT: ?Sign up for an open mic, talent show or student show, ?Voilou, Instant Adrenaline!

3. Take a mini-vacation ? just the two of you.

Orburch says it is vital to spend quality time together away from home.

DO IT: ?Even if you can’t get away, set aside some extended time where you have no responsibilities, your phone is turned off, and you can just concentrate on playing your guitar.

4. Touch more often.

According to Orbuch, touch produces arousal, comfort and physiological and psychological support.

DO IT: In guitar, if you don’t touch it, you can’t play it. ?One of the easiest and most effective things you can do to strengthen your relationship with your guitar is to get a wall-mount or guitar stand so that you can see it and touch it more easily.

5. Play.

Orbuch also says it is important not to be too serious all the time–to have a successful relationship you need to play.

DO IT: ?Pick up your guitar and start playing…the more you play, the more passion you will feel!


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