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We Need Testimonials!

We Need Testimonials!

Would you like a free month of access to our online classes? Send us a ten minute video of you talking about your online experience, playing some songs you learned and generally talking about how it’s going and we will make it happen (for the first ten people who do this).

Step One: Use iMovie, Quicktime Player or some other application of your choice to start recording yourself.

Step Two: Address as many of the following topics as you can.

-How long have you been playing?

-What’s the hardest part about learning guitar?

-What do you like about our online classes?

-What advice do you have for beginners?

-Talk about the features that you like (the chord dictionary, blog, personal notebook, awards, song library, etc…)

-Play us something that you’re working on!

Step Three: Get the video to us somehow. You could dropbox it to us (my dropbox email is, you could share it with us on google docs (just try emailing it to and then google will say that it’s too big and give you the option to share it) or any number of other methods that work for you!

Tip: Don’t worry about selling anything. We could’ve just hired actors for that. Instead just pretend that you are talking about your online guitar lessons to a good friend who’s just asked you what it’s all about. Also, try to smile from time to time. People seem to like that!

We can’t wait to hear from you! Send questions, videos, comments to


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