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The Importance of Performing

The Importance of Performing

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What do most of our most successful students have in common? They perform at our open mics and showcases! Midtown, Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan East all have regular performance opportunities–so that means that YOU have a performance opportunity coming up soon near you.

Why perform?
The majority of our students are learning to play guitar because it’s fun and not because they’re making a career change in the hopes of becoming a famous rock and roll star. So why go out and perform?

1. Music is meant to be heard! You practice hard to be able to play your favorite songs and performing is actually doing what you’re practicing.

2. Deadlines are effective. Sometimes you just don’t feel like practicing and when life gets busy it can be one the first things to get cut. Give yourself a reason to practice by having a specific amount of time to master something before you have to do it in front of everyone.

3. Meet new people! Did you know that many of our students actually cite meeting people as the reason they sign up for classes? Our showcases and open mics are full of cool people wanting to meet, hang out with and make music with other cool people.

4. Inspire others. At some point you went to a show and realized that you wanted to be a guitar player. Now it’s your turn to inspire!

5. We will love you. Without it’s students NYCGS is just a bunch of rooms with guitars in it. You’re the reason we get out of bed in the morning and the more we see of you the happier we are (particularly if you’re playing guitar and having fun).

Here are some upcoming opportunities to perform! Showcases are scheduled months in advance and can always be found here on our online calendar.

Finally, here is a list of beginner friendly open mics around NYC! See you at the show!

Wednesdays at Paddy Reilly’s

Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Waltz-Astoria

Tuesdays at the Cherry Tree

Wednesdays Wicked Willy’s

Wednesdays at The Suffolk

Rock and roll forever!


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