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The World’s Most Effective?and Clear, Step-by-Step, Online Guitar Lessons for Beginners!

How It Works
  • Just Grab Your Guitar and follow along.
  • 294 video lessons created to guide you step by step through the Absolute Beginner Curriculum.
  • One on one instruction from our very own New York City Guitar School teachers.
  • Learn to play along with over 25 amazing songs you know and love using the skills and techniques learned in this incredible course.
  • Learn Chords, Strums, Riffs, Licks, Songs and The Fundamental Habits of Great Guitarists!
  • Dozens of Song Charts, Chord Diagrams, TABs and Illustrations.
  • This is not the only way to learn guitar but it works every time! If you follow this plan, YOU WILL LEARN TO PLAY GUITAR!

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NYC Guitar School is real place in midtown Manhattan! We hire the best teachers in the world and now you can have instant access to them! You don't have to live in New York to learn at NYC Guitar School!

Our online course is $89 for six months of access ($19/month after six months) but you can check out the first 19 videos for free! All our students who sign up for Guitar For Absolute Beginners in person at one of our four New York City locations get FREE access to our online course.


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