Level IV is for teens who really know how to rock!

If your teen loves to play Guitar Hero or Rock Band, they will love how exciting and achievable learning to play a real guitar can be!

This group guitar class for teens takes a revolutionary new approach to teaching absolute beginners. Students learn as they actually play along to some of their favorite rock songs starting on their very first day.

This group guitar class for teens will build on the skills taught in Levels I, II, and III. Students should be comfortable with open and barre chords, advanced strumming, basic soloing, and able to play several songs by heart. Students will learn scale fingerings, intermediate solo technique, music theory, and advanced chord playing.

  • We supply guitars in class! (No guitar lugging necessary).
  • Enthusiastic, patient and qualified teachers!
  • Extremely flexible scheduling! Attend any Rock Guitar class that is on our Level I schedule from week to week.
  • Unlimited make-up classes! If you miss a week, you can sit in on any currently running Level I class. Make-ups must be completed within the same month of the missed class.
  • Enrollment is ongoing! All Level I classes are specifically designed for students who have never played guitar before. You can join ANY Level I teen group class at ANY time.

$118 per month for ONE fifty-five minute group class per week
$189 per month for UNLIMITED fifty-five minute group classes per week

SPECIAL OFFER for new students: $99 UNLIMITED group classes during your first month!

Intro classes are held at 5:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays and on Saturdays at 3:30pm.

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