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We’ve got a google drive full of MP3s and Charts. Access these from your phone using the google drive app or from your laptop by clicking here. Alternatively just go to your google drive and use the search bar to find the title you seek! Of course you’ll need to be logged into your gmail for any of that stuff to work. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Email and we’ll get it for you!

Charts for All Levels
This ever-growing collection of charts is done completely in-house. Sort by title, level or artist. Is that Am supposed to be an F? Go ahead and click edit to change it but remember that some songs have been intentionally simplified for beginners. Before you go using this app to create and edit charts check out this 90 second video on how to use it. Problems? Email

Follow Up Emails
Students like to know that we’re invested in their success and a great way to let them know is with bonus material, easy access to make-ups and regular reminders about showcases. We are on the verge of being able to automate this process but here are some gems you can send out in the meantime!

Absolute Beginner – Week 1
Congratulations! You have begun your guitar playing journey! If you have any questions about anything at all just reply to this email and we?ll do our best to make sure you have everything you need for success.

Take some time this week to think about a goal that you can reach in the next ten weeks. Good goals are quantifiable and have deadlines. ?Become a better guitar player? for example, is a little vague. How will you be able to say whether that happened or not and by when should it have happened? Perform a song in public is a much better goal! Check here to see upcoming showcases, open mics and other events.

Finally, take a second to sign up for our online class. Everything you will learn is represented here in hundreds of amazing videos. It?s great for review and it?s great for getting caught up if you have to miss a class. The best part is that you get lifetime access and it?s 100% free for you. Don?t miss out! Just Click Here to Sign Up!

Rock and Roll Forever!

Absolute Beginner – Week 3
Three weeks of guitar – done! This was a big one! You learned three new chords, how to use a capo and hopefully you?re getting comfortable reading tablature. Now that you know these basic chords you can literally play thousands and thousands of songs! Amazing right? Check out this video lesson on how to teach yourself songs from our free online course Guitar Hacks for Beginners and then get online and find your favorite jams. The best way to learn guitar is to practice songs that you love and that?s good news because that?s much more fun than just doing exercises.

Did you miss a class? Click Here for an online makeup for Class 2 and Click Here for Class 3. Just make sure to log in first here!

As always, just reply to this email with any questions or comments. We love to hear from students!

*Still haven?t started an online account for our video lessons? Just Click Here for 100% off lifetime access.

Don?t Stop Believing (also hold on to that feeling)!

Absolute Beginner – Week 5
That C chord is a killer right?! Just keep at it, don?t worry too much how it sounds at first and I promise, it will eventually be second nature! In week 5 you learned the Am chord, which is a great addition to your chord vocabulary, and a bit about riffing via The Wild Riff. Starting to think about your debut performance? Just check for upcoming opportunities to play in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. If you took my advice back in week 3 you got online to try and teach yourself some songs. In doing so you probably ran into a few songs that you weren?t sure how to play. In the coming weeks you?ll learn how to fake your way through almost any song but for now let?s simplify some classic hits for you. Check out More Than Words by Extreme and / or Blackbird by the Beatles arranged especially for beginners like you and learn some new chords while you?re at it!

Did you miss a class? Click Here to get caught up online!

Absolute Beginner – Week 7
You have learned the two most useful strumming patterns in the world – The Best Strum and The Basic Strum! With these powerful rhythmic tools you can sound like you know what you?re doing on almost any song! Everyone in NYC is crazy busy so if you?ve made this far and you?re still caught up you should give yourself a round of applause! Ok that?s enough – back to practicing!

Did you know that with just G, D, Em and C (in that order) you can play thousands of hit songs? Don?t believe me? Check out this blog post about it! It lists 39 songs in chronological order from the sixties to now all using the same four chords.

Did you miss a class? Click Here to get caught up online!

Absolute Beginner – Week 9
Can you believe it?s been 9 weeks already? You didn?t play guitar at all when you started and now, if you?ve been coming to class and practicing, you invariably do. You?re a musician! This week you focused on using The Best Strum as your default strumming pattern and using The Basic Strum for Split measures.

Guitar for Near Beginners is the next step in your path to guitar greatness! This ten week course is focused on right hand techniques like palm muting, scratching and arpeggiation. These rhythmic tools will help you take it to the next level! As a returning student you get 10% off! Call or email the office now to reserve your same day, time and teacher or check out the schedule to view other upcoming Near Beginner classes!

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Congratulations on your impending graduation from Guitar for Absolute Beginners!


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