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Teach Yourself Songs

Teach Yourself Songs

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You’re never too much of a beginner to start teaching yourself songs! If you can play a handful of chords, say G, D, Em, C, Am and A7, you know enough to play thousands of songs!

Try these resources to help you along the way and remember, most chord sites have a transpose function! That means that if you don’t know how to play the chords, you can try other keys until you find one that uses chords that you know. Have fun!


This is a great site in that it offers simple versions of songs and usually just one or two versions so you don’t have to wade through dozens of options. Incidentally, these folks don’t pay for the rights to the songs so if you search for and click on a Beatles song, for example, you’ll get a notice that says the song has been removed due to getting a letter from lawyers.


These guys do pay for the rights to songs so you’re actually supporting your favorite artists by learning their songs! They get their charts from contributors from all over the world which means there are dozens of versions of any song and unfortunately, many of them are inaccurate. Still a good place to look though.

These are great charts! Not too complicated and not oversimplified. E-chords is a subscription based model though so to use some of the functions like transpose or print, you need a membership. Not a bad investment if you’re learning a lot of songs!

Not sure how to play the song? Bring it into your class or private lesson with questions! Your teacher will love you! (we can only do Brown Eyed Girl so many times)


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