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Taking in Art

Taking in Art

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You live, breathe, talk and play music: all the time. Whenever a person asks you what you want to do for the rest of your life your answer is, of course, music. That?s great! There are so many people who, even at the age of 75, don?t really know what they want to be doing or how to do it. You?re ahead of the game! There is an important thing to note, however, and that?s to remember that life isn?t just music all the time.

Art is a miraculous thing. It can be inspired from the simplest moments: a sunset, a hike through the woods, a great conversation… indeed, the best musical pieces are a direct result of a person having a new and wonderful experience, and then deciding to compose a piece to express that.

Sometimes, it seems that the competition of being the best in class, knowing the most music, learning to play the best compositions can take over all of your time. But, it?s important to remember that by seeing and experiencing other parts of life your own craft and expression will become richer for it. Go to a museum at look at the art of the masters; maybe a piece by Picasso will inspire your own masterpiece. Watch a Baseball game with friends; maybe the game will give you a new idea. Read a book; maybe the stories will inspire a fresh look at your own process.

The world is full of inspiration and the opportunities for new ideas: take them! Those who are totally absorbed in music all the time can get burned out, and maybe mistakes that are happening can be overlooked due to exhaustion. Take a break from music, get out there and have new experiences! You may be surprised with how much you can learn and incorporate into your own work later.


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