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Suzuki Early Childhood Music Classes – ABOUT AND FAQ’S

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Suzuki Early Childhood Music Classes – ABOUT AND FAQ’S

Q: How old should my son or daughter be to start Suzuki Early Childhood music classes?
A: For our Suzuki Early Childhood Program, we accept students ages 0 – 3 years old.

Q: Why do we sing some of the same songs every week? Don’t kids get bored?
A: Mastery is a key element of the Suzuki Method and repetition is an essential component in skill development. Little children love and learn best through listening and repetition – not only music but also other skills such as languages. They add the song to their vocabulary and start using it more and more. It gives them confidence to know a favorite song is coming next, which also makes them feel safe and, therefore, willing to try something new.

Q: What kind of instruments do kids get to explore? Is it just a guitar?
A: Although we are part of NYC Guitar School, SECE is not a guitar class. Children get to explore all kind of instruments during the session. The primary goal of SECE is not only to teach young people to play musical instruments, but also to contribute to the total learning process of a child through music – increase their potential to learn and become a good and happy person.

Q: How can you have babies and three year olds together?
A: Childres learn from each other. In order for the program to be sucessful, it is important to have different age and ability levels. They learn both social skills and learning music skills as the children begin to gain confidence and show signs of mastery.

Q: What makes Suzuki Early Childhood music education different?
A: Unlike other programs, Suzuki requires the teacher, parent (or caregiver) and student to work as equals to create environment that nurtures learning. Children learn life skills by watching the adults and other kids in their surroundings.

Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE) is not a traditional or typical “Mommy and Me” music class. It is not a series of one-off events, which divert the child and and during which the caregiver pays attention to other things. Instead, it is a process which takes place over many months, and which requires the full attention and involvement of the caregiver with the child. The program expects more of the teachers, parents and students…and it also delivers more–lasting positive effects on the parent-child bond, the family dynamic, and the social and cognitive abilities of the child.

Shinichi Suzuki realized that all kids know how to speak Japanese, so all kids can play music. The Mother tongue approach, learning by sound and by repetition is enforced from the Suzuki Early Childhood courses up to the various instrumental Suzuki programs that have been created.

The program follows 7 concepts:

1 – Every Child Can
2 – Ability Develops Early
3 – Environment Nurtures Growth
4 – Success Breeds Success
5 – Parental Involvement is Critical
6 – Children Learn from One Another
7 – Encouragement is Essential

Q: Can I enroll my child in classes even if I cannot attend all of them myself?
A: Yes.  However, it is recommended that the nanny or grandparent attend the lesson with the child to serve as the daily practice partner.

Q: Where are classes located?
A: Our Suzuki Early Childhood (0-3 yrs) music classes are located at NYC Guitar School at 315 E 91st, 1st Floor, New York, NY, 10128.

Q: How much is the tuition?
A: For details about tuition and class fees, please visit our Class Schedule/Fees page.

Q: How long are the classes?
A: Lessons are 1 hour long.

Q: What class times are available?
A: Please visit our Class Schedule/Fees page.

Q: We need to miss a class. Now what?
A: You can make up the class on another day that we have classes and availability. Simply email your teacher as much in advance as possible, so she can make arrangements.

Q: How big are the classes? 
A: Our class size ranges from 4 to 8 children. Small classes allow individual attention and help parents evaluate their child?s progress and communicate with the teacher freely.

Q: What training have the teachers completed?
A: Our teachers, have completed the Suzuki Early Childhood training, along with their respective instrumental Suzuki training. They have completed undergraduate and graduate degrees in Instrumental Performance from renowned music schools.

Q: How does this program prepare children musically?
A: The SECE follows the same principles as the instrumental Suzuki program, which facilitates a seamless transition into instrumental lessons after children master the course. SECE children learn socialization skills that blend in with musicianship and a wide range of musical terminology and skills that provide an excellent foundation for further music study. Behavioral conditions are learnt to be able to take part of ensembles. Memorization is slowly developed with the nursery rhyme lyrics. Solfege syllables are incorporated for ear training purposes and note intervals are ingrained in the repertoire of the class.

Children learn to:

– Listen carefully
– Recognize common sounds
– Repeats of sequences and sounds
– High, low
– Up, down
– Fast, slow

Q: Why start early?
A: A wide array of studies made by neurologists show that the brain is capable of learning while in utero. Because of the early exposure both in utero and in early childhood, SECE children develop more robust neurological pathways and demonstrate learning advantages in early life. Further readings: Ability Development from Age Zero by Shinichi Suzuki

Q: How are parents involved?
A: Parents are a vital part of the ?Suzuki Triangle? of teacher, child and parent. Parents encourage listening to the music and repertoire, practicing the skills learned in class and ensuring that children attend classes. They observe the children in class and take notes of their development throughout. Journaling time is embedded in the class, so parents can see the development of the child through their own writings. Further readings: Helping Parents Practice by Edmund Sprunger

Q: Are we the right school for you?
A: If you are invested in creating a stronger bond with your child and cultivate a love of learning in a fun, effective and nurturing way, we are the school for you. Come by and try one of our Preview Classes! Upon the completion of our Early Childhood Music Program, children can progress to our Suzuki (Ages 3-8) program.

Q: Do parents need a musical background?
A: No. Parents become educated along with the children. Listening to the repertoire is key and will help both parent and child in the program.

Q: Do you have gift certificates?
A: Yes! Attractive gift certificates are available for any number of lessons.


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