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What Is Summer Camp Like?

What Is Summer Camp Like?

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Music First Philosophy

Our team and student community reflect many different points of view, experiences and backgrounds united in a love of music and learning. When campers come here, they have the opportunity to work with people who may have different perspectives or private beliefs than they do.

Live On Stage in NYC

Every band from Rock Band 101 to Rock Band & Recording will get to perform live on-stage in NYC!

Shows are always at 2pm on the final day of camp and we encourage all family and friends to attend...and get ready to be INSPIRED. The show is truly a unique NYC experience. Campers will perform in a professional live music venue, with a sound person, lights, and more!

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Check Out the Studio

We are thrilled to partner with Funkadelic Studios for our Summer Rock Camp, so that all campers have the opportunity to rehearse in a professional NYC music studio! Studio rooms are fully equipped with guitar amps, bass amps, a full drum kit, keyboard (or piano) and a PA system.

Rock Band & Recording Campers will have the opportunity to work with a professional Funkadelic Recording Engineer (in addition to their band coach) during their 4 hour recording and mixing session. Typically, bands are able to record and mix one complete original song in their session. Campers will get to be involved in every step of the recording and mixing process as well - they are able to learn and ask questions as they work with the engineer!

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Camp Connections

It's not just rehearsal...we encourage campers to connect with one another as musicians and as people! We have so many campers who have made friends for life—and many have met future bandmates too!

In addition to regular rehearsals there are lots of exciting things going on throughout the session:

• Wednesdays: Band Visits
These are such a highlight - Each band gets perform for or visit other bands in small groups (for practice and inspiration)!

• First Friday: Open Mic
Collaborate with bandmates, other campers, or even play solo. No outside guests are allowed at the Open Mic so campers can try out new material in a fun, low pressure environment...or just enjoy the show!

• Second Tuesday: Band Photo Day
Step outside and take the most epic band photo! All band photos will be posted on Instagram at the end of the session.

• Second Thursday: Dress Rehearsal
Get ready for the show - and perform your full set in front of all the other campers

Rock Band & Recording

Rehearse with your band. Write and record original songs…and then perform live on stage in NYC! *For advanced students only.

Rock Band

Rehearse & perform on stage in NYC over two incredible weeks. Connect and grow as a musician!

Rock Band 101

Are you a complete beginner? You can be in a band! Expert coaches guide you step by step as you prepare to play on stage in NYC!


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