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Study Shows Guitarists Really DO Get More Love!

Study Shows Guitarists Really DO Get More Love!

In other insane guitar related news which I did not make up, The Psychology of Music journal reported a study on the effect of a being identified as a guitar player on successfully obtaining numbers. A young man approached 300 young women on the street and asked for their phone number. He held a guitar case for 100 interactions, a gym bag for 100, and nothing at all for 100. Results? The gym bag bagged 9 phone numbers. Nothing got 14 numbers. The winning strategy? The guitar case was correlated with 31 numbers.

But of course we think the best reason to play guitar isn’t so that others will love you–it’s because you already love music, and you’ll love the you who is playing music, too! But…we also have to admit that there is something about a person holding a guitar that is just irresistible!

So what are you waiting for? Go grab that guitar!


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