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Student Feature: Alex Genadinik

Student Feature: Alex Genadinik

We’d like to take a moment to shout out one of our students, Alex Genadinik! Alex has been taking lessons with NYC Guitar School since March 2019. In that short period of time, he has not only learned to play guitar, but also became a singer-songwriter this past year. He has been taking multiple voice lessons with Emily every week and picked up various songwriting tips and tricks along the way.

Check out some of Alex’s songs and hear about the creative process behind his work!

1) “SEO Secret”

Alex’s first original, SEO Secret, was written from the lens of an SEO specialist who decided to take an unconventional and unique approach to teaching some SEO basics. After receiving many questions and getting interviewed by publications, Alex wanted to create a song that was entertaining, informative and would stand out from other info videos in his industry.

2) “Magic Dandelion”

His second song was drastically different from his first, and therefore the message was also very different. Magic Dandelion is a protest song that aims to spread the message of love and compassion in a time when mass violence is prevalent. This song took over a year to finish and required a few series of edits to get it right. Alex explained the creative process as a “very challenging one” because it was hard to take such an “ugly image and topic”, turn it around on its head, and reframe it in a way that instead focuses on the beautiful, innocent things in life. The main goal of the song is to provide compassion, love, and support to the listener and spread awareness.

Currently, Alex has two other songs in the works, one of those being about his baby daughter. Interested in keeping up with Alex? Check out his YouTube channel here.

If you are a student interested in sharing your work with us and the world, let us know! We’d love to feature you.

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