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Pricing & Memberships February 2024

Pricing & Memberships February 2024

A: Private lessons start with a super-discounted trial. After that, standard 45-minute lessons in our studios or online are $80 paid individually–but most students either continue with pay-as-you-go lesson 5-packs ($71/lesson) or an annual lesson membership ($62.50 to $66/lesson). Annual members also receive complimentary admission to all our virtual class programs. Other types of lessons (in-home, Suzuki, vocal lessons, etc.) operate similarly–but check those particular pages for exact pricing.

Group Class memberships start with a super-discounted trial–only $59 for a month of classes at any of our NYC locations or online in our virtual classrooms. After that students continue their memberships at $149/month or $1400/year.

Rock Band memberships include regular rehearsals and showcases and a complimentary regular group class membership. Adult Rock Band memberships are $329/month (or $249/month for drummers). Kids and Teen Rock Band memberships are $229/month.

Visit specific pages or browse the PDF below for more info.

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