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Practice Should be Called “Changing Your Brain”

Practice Should be Called “Changing Your Brain”

Dear Guitar Student,

Science tells us that the brain is changeable.

When you practice playing your guitar, you are literally creating new pathways in your neurons, which are cells in your brain.

After you’ve practiced, you aren’t the same person you used to be–you are physically different. There are different connections between your neurons than there used to be, and some of those connections are literally thicker and stronger.

You just changed your brain!

The more you practice with focus, the more you will change your brain.

You can literally become a different person in the next 30 minutes by practicing with focus!

  • You will change on a microscopic level–your brain structure will look different.
  • You will change on a physical and observable level–because your brain has changed, your capacities and skills will also change. For example–you will play guitar better!

Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that the point of practice is to change your brain! Instead, they think that if they just put in enough practice time, they will magically get better. It’s not magic! It’s mind construction.

For Effective Practice:

  • Don’t think about “putting time in”.
  • Do think “I am changing my brain.”

Whether you are practicing guitar, or juggling, or studying for a test, or learning a new attitude or habit, remember that your objective is to literally change your brain!

Have you changed your brain today?

Dan Emery
Founder, NYC Guitar School

Dan Emery is dedicated to Coaching Personal Greatness, One Lesson At A Time. He is the founder of NYC's friendliest and fastest growing guitar schools, New York City Guitar School, Brooklyn Guitar School, Queens Guitar School and NYC Guitar School, East, and the author of the Amazon best-selling Guitar For Absolute Beginners and six other books on learning guitar and deliberate practice. He coaches new entrepreneurs through the Entrepreneurs Organization Accelerator program and especially enjoys helping other Educational Entrepreneurs. He has a Masters in Education from Columbia University Teachers College, extensive performing experience as songwriter and guitarist for The Dan Emery Mystery Band, a wife, three kids, a cat and some juggling equipment.


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