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Sean McCann

Date:May 24, 2020

Sean McCann

As a native New Yorker, Sean is a performing musician in multiple bands across the tri-state area. He plays bass in the avant-pop act Diana Lopez, as well as the rock group Damn Jackals. Sean’s musical identity has always been defined by his curiosity for different styles.

Although his first love is electric bass, Sean has also been playing guitar and drums for over a decade in diverse genres. He graduated from The University of North Carolina at Asheville in 2015 with a degree in music technology, and has been teaching and performing full-time ever since. He loves engaging musically with people of all skill levels. Tailored to each student, Sean’s teaching style is exciting and encouraging, with a focus on technique. Sean also provides tools for improvisation and songwriting as a way for students to foster their own musical voice, and to keep them empowered as creative individuals. Sean’s infectious passion for music might have you down musical alleys you never thought you’d venture.

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