Eddy Marshall

Date:May 26, 2020

Eddy Marshall

Eddy Marshall was born and raised in Falls Church, Virginia. He received a guitar for Christmas sixteen years ago and has been playing ever since. After high school he attended University of Vermont where he studied elementary education before transferring to Berklee College of Music. Later, he graduated with a degree in Music Education and moved to New York.

Eddy’s musical tastes are eclectic, but he most enjoys playing music that lands halfway between jazz and pop. Norah Jones and Ray Charles have been his biggest musical influences over the years. He has a lot of fun fingerpicking piano parts on the guitar, but has been known to take a solo when the need arises. He first started playing guitar with the intent to sound like classic rock legends Jimmy Page and David Gilmour, so he is no stranger to lead guitar playing.

During the rare moments when Eddy is not playing guitar he enjoys reading books, cooking feasts for friends and family and jogging around Central Park.


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