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David Kuhn

Date:May 24, 2020

David Kuhn

David was born in Nashville, TN (Go Titans!) and began playing guitar at age 12. He holds a BFA in Jazz Guitar Performance from the New School and also has a strong background in hospitality. David is a patient, caring, and enthusiastic teacher. He is excited to build relationships with his students and to inspire a love and a passion for music in each of them. But most of all, he hopes to help each student achieve their potential both as a musician and as a person.

As a guitarist, David is a fluid and adept player who loves shredding over complex harmonies as much as playing washy, wild chord voicings with a ton of effects. He is equally skilled and experienced at playing jazz, rock, fusion, metal, funk, neo-soul, lead, fingerstyle, bass, and everything in between. But most of all, David believes a player should “sound good at making others sound good.”

In April of 2019, David’s band Light Brand released its first record featuring 7 of David’s original songs. The music is an emotional roller coaster of shredding prog rock that fans of bands like Led Zeppelin and the Mahavishnu Orchestra would definitely appreciate. To listen, please click here.

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