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Play Every Beatles Song (with Only 5 Chords)

Play Every Beatles Song (with Only 5 Chords)

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It was a stretch to do Play Every Bob Dylan Song (with only 5 chords). It’s more of a category title than a factual statement and the same is true of The Beatles. You can’t actually play every Beatles song with only five chords but if you transpose the chords and make the occasional substitution you can definitely play a lot of them. Let’s take a look at a few!

8 Days a Week – This song, from Beatles for Sale was one of the first songs that the guys finished writing in the studio. In later albums, they would do that all the time.
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I’m Looking Through You from Rubber Soul has some quick chord changes but you can do it if you take it slow. Just use the basic strum for bars with one chord and the basic strum for bars with two chords!
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Ob-La-Di-Ob-La-Da from The White Album can be played a few different ways. If you’re a Absolute Beginner, say around class four you can use the alternate strum. If you are taking the Near Beginner class and you’ve just finished class four you might want to use the Bass Strum and if you’ve just finished Near Beginner class five you should definitely try it with the scratch!
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Let it Be from the album of the same title is normally played on the piano in the key of C but here is a beginner version for guitar in the key of G. If you know the F chord and / or you’re taking Guitar for Intermediate Beginners, you should try this version in the original key using the ballad strum. Otherwise –
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Twist and Shout from the debut album Please, Please Me. This chart is made for the newest of beginners but if you know the basic strum and the best strum you can use that!
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Yellow Submarine is always fun. Use this chart to play through the whole thing using just the basic strum.
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