Guitar Ensemble with Vince
Guitar Ensemble with Emilio
Teen Guitar Ensemble with Miguel
Fingerstyle Guitar Ensemble with Koby
 MON7:30PM3/1/2021 FULL
Guitar Ensemble with Koby
Guitar Ensemble with Vince
Fingerstyle Basics with Clayton
Blues Guitar Basics with Olin
Fundamentals of Music II - Song Analysis with Suke
Guitar Ensemble with Emily VOCALS / GUITAR
Lead Guitar Workshop with Suke
Lead IV: Lead Guitar Modes with Suke
Guitar IV: Guitar Workshop with Gabriel
 TUE5:30PM3/9/2021 FULL
Intermediate Fingerstyle Guitar with Jeff M
Teen Rock Band with Gaby
Teen Rock Band 101 with Ben
Teen Digital Music and Production ABLETON with Sean
Teens Collaborative Songwriting Band 101 with Gaby
Kids Rock Band with Gabriel
Guitar Ensemble with Kyle T.
Teen Digital Music and Production LOGIC with Dylan
Teens Collaborative Songwriting Band with Gaby
Kids Rock Band with Dylan
Lead II: Lead Guitar Basics with Suke
Guitar III: Intermediate Beginners with Clayton
Ukulele for Intermediate Beginners with Tia

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