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How Music Enhances Learning

How Music Enhances Learning

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Composer Dominic Marcella dropped by NYC Guitar School, and had this to say about music and learning:

“Most of us have probably heard it said that music enhances learning/development. ?Well, it’s true! ?Neuroscience has shown us that the brains of musicians are “primed” to distinguish between what is meaningful sensory information, and what is just noise, which has the effect of enhancing other cognitive processes, such as language, speech, attention, and memory.

It works like this: ?the neural connections made during musical training help us efficiently associate meaning with complex sounds. ?And these connections don’t just disappear when you’re not playing music–they stick around and our central nervous systems make use them when processing speech. ?This helps us in a variety of situations from an elementary school classroom to a crowded bar where it’s hard to hear our friends.

And the research into the effects of music is just beginning. ?Every day more is being discovered about the amazing way music affects the way we perceive and process information.”

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Music Enhances Learning


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