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How a 3 X 5 Index Card Can Make You the Guitar Hero at Every Party

How a 3 X 5 Index Card Can Make You the Guitar Hero at Every Party

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Have you ever been at a party where someone pulled out a guitar and before long, the whole group was arm-in-arm, fist-pumping, singing Don?t Stop Believin?! at the top of their lungs? That would be an awesome party, right? In fact, becoming that guitarist might just be what brought you to NYC Guitar School in the first place. Unfortunately, many times this amazing scenario doesn?t quite pan out. The party-starting guitarist pulls out his or her gleaming axe, the crowd oohs in anticipation, and? the guitarist can only remember the chords to one verse of Semi-Charmed Kind of Life. And maybe the intro to Blackbird. The excitement dies. The crowd filters away. Our hero sits despondent, wondering where it all went wrong.

The Solution
A SETLIST: A 3×5 index card, taped to the upper shoulder of your acoustic guitar, listing every song you have COMPLETELY MEMORIZED FROM BEGINNING TO END, and either the key or the first chord. Here?s a snippet from mine:

Blackbird G
Brown-Eyed Girl G
Come As You Are Em
Don?t Panic Am
Free Fallin? F (c3:D)?? <– capoed at the 3rd fret, and played in D.

Some people even keep their setlists on their phones or tablets, so do what works for you. Your setlist will ensure that EVERY TIME you pull out your guitar, you will ABSOLUTELY be able to play at least one complete song, earning you cheers, applause, praise, free drinks, and maybe even a groupie or two. AND you?ll definitely keep the party rolling.

By Jaime Garamella




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