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NYC Guitar School/Hal Leonard Book Release

NYC Guitar School/Hal Leonard Book Release

NYC Guitar School: Songs for Beginners

NYC Guitar School is excited to partner with the world’s largest music education publisher, Hal Leonard, to release a comprehensive songbook for beginning guitar players.

“Songs For Beginners” contains dozens of incredible songs by top artists arranged into step-by-step levels, beginning with arrangements for complete novices and gradually building up to more complex strums and chords.

This book is an A to Z journey (that’s “A” as in “All of Me” by John Legend to “Z” as in “Zombie” by The Cranberries) that will take readers–and players–from being complete beginners to playing along with incredible songs with confidence and understanding.

Thousands of busy New Yorkers have successfully learned to play guitar in NYC Guitar School’s innovative step-by-step Guitar For Absolute Beginners class. Now, with “Songs For Beginners” students around the world can benefit from this proven and confidence building approach.

WARNING: This book is NOT intended for advanced players. If you already know scales, syncopated strums, or can play guitar with your teeth, this book is not intended for you. This book is made for and dedicated to beginners!

Special Offer - Free Webinar, Discounts & Prizes

To celebrate the book launch, NYC Guitar School and Hal Leonard are partnering to offer a free webinar for beginning guitarists. Plus we’re raffling off valuable prizes and giving away codes for discounted books and lessons.


1) Webinar: Guitar For Absolute Beginners

You will learn:

  • How to find your way around a guitar.
  • The 2 most common guitar chords, how to play them and (most valuable) how to change between them.
  • The secret to successful guitar practice.
  • How to play along with an actual song from NYC Guitar School – Guitar For Absolute Beginners ! (You will walk out being able to play a real song.)

2) Valuable Bonuses

When you sign up for the January 19th 6:30 PM Songs For Beginners Webinar you’ll automatically be sent two discount codes!

  • DISCOUNT CODE for NYC Guitar School: Songs For Beginners which can be used on for X% off of the book.
  • A DISCOUNT CODE for a trial one-on-one lesson at NYC Guitar School.

3) A Chance To Win

One lucky guitarist will win:

  • A FREE Month of NYC Guitar School Class Membership
  • A FREE virtual one-on-one private lesson from one of NYC Guitar School’s world class teachers.
  • A FREE NYC Guitar School T-shirt.

Selected winners must be present at the January 19th Webinar to receive their prizes, sign up below!

Take a Peak into "NYC Guitar School: Songs for Beginners"

To be a guitar player you must play guitar—it’s that simple! But the problem is that for those who are just beginning their guitar journey, the excitement of learning a first chord or strum can quickly give way to discouragement.

In fact, according to a recent study form, 90% of new guitar players quit playing within a year after purchasing their first guitar!

What a heartbreaking statistic! That’s thousands of people who want to play guitar because they love music, or want to express themselves, connect with others, play for family and friends, to write or perform music—or simply enjoy learning a new skill…who failed.

That’s where this book comes in! This book can literally be the difference between being one of the 10% who stick with playing guitar instead of joining the sad majority who regretfully set their guitar dreams aside.

You see, as the founder of one of America’s largest guitar schools and after three decades of teaching guitar, I can tell you that the secret to success in guitar is simple.

It’s setting yourself up for success in the first place!

People fail at learning guitar when they don’t have a structure to keep them on track with step-by-step increases in difficulty to make learning easy and fun.

That’s what this book provides—a step by step and song by song method to ensure that even absolute beginners can play.

If you’re looking for a songbook with advanced note for note transcriptions of songs—this isn’t it! These arrangements are super simple, based on the revolutionary NYC Guitar School Guitar For Absolute Beginners book and method used by over 15,000 busy New Yorkers to successfully learn to play guitar. These step by step chord progressions and simple strumming patterns are matched with dozens of great songs from the incredible Hal Leonard catalog of songs. The result is a motivating and inviting book that even a beginner can pick up and make music with.

The book can be used as a companion to the NYC Guitar School course Guitar For Absolute Beginners <> or students and teachers can use it as a stand alone, song by song method for beginning to learn guitar.

I am so thrilled that Hal Leonard has partnered with New York City Guitar School to allow us to bring this book of super simple songs for Absolute Beginners to you. And I’m so thrilled that you have picked it up!

There’s a difference between dreaming and being. And that difference is doing.

If you’re serious about playing guitar, it is easier than you think. And this little book can be your trusty guide and companion.

So what are you waiting for? Click to buy the book on <>>>. I know you won’t regret it.

On to guitar! And on to greatness!




Dan Emery
Founder, NYC Guitar School


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