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Help Us Support Music Education in Schools!

Help Us Support Music Education in Schools!

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photo(4)NYC Guitar School Founder Dan Emery is running the NYC Marathon raise money to help 600 kids in schools without music education get the chance to learn to play guitar through the non-profit Little Kids Rock. ?Help the kids who need it the most get music education by donating to his fundraiser at

NYCGS: Hey, Dan, you look sweaty.
Dan: Yeah, I just ran to work.
NYCGS: How far was that?
Dan: 18 miles. That’s my regular Tuesday run.
NYCGS: ?What is Little Kids Rock and why are you raising money for it?
Dan: ?It is an awesome non-profit that puts music education in the schools that need it the most with free instruments, lesson plans, materials and training. ?The Little Kids Rock schools usually have no other form of music education, it’s crazy.
NYCGS: ?We’ve done stuff with Little Kids Rock before, right?
Dan: ?Yeah, every year we give some of their students scholarships to our summer camp. ?I did a concert fundraiser for them a few months ago, too.
NYCGS:? Why?
Dan: ?When I was a kid, I benefited from free lessons, speech therapy…even free lunches. ?Then I went to college for free on a combination of scholarships and Pell Grants. ?You know, at the time I didn’t really understand how lucky I was or how generous other people were to me. ?But now I do and I really like helping kids get exposure to music, especially.
NYCGS: ?That’s awesome. ?So are you going to run the marathon with a guitar?
Dan: Maybe a ukulele.
Help Dan and NYC Guitar School raise $2500 to sponsor music education for 600 kids in the schools that need it the most. ?Many of these schools are located right here in New York City! ?Donate now at


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