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Closed For Memorial Day Weekend 2018 May 26-28

Closed For Memorial Day Weekend 2018 May 26-28

Dear NYC Guitar School Student,

Here comes Memorial Day Weekend! It is gonna be AWESOME. The schools will be closed, and our teachers (and students) will be taking the next few days off to hang out with family and friends, and probably play some guitar, too!

I love living in this incredible city, which epitomizes the diverse greatness of America, which at its best is a place where people bring themselves from the who they are to the who they want to be, and from the life they have to the life they want. Memorial Day is a great time to remember those who served our country in uniform (Salutes to my grandpa, uncle and two brothers-in-law!) and especially those who gave their lives.

But we live in a time when it isn’t enough for people to leave the fighting to the professionals…we all need to step up for what we believe is right. So this weekend, I challenge you to not just connect with others, but to make a donation, plan a vote, or have a conversation to move our city and nation in the direction of liberty and justice!

Here’s a fun way…if you’re playing guitar this weekend, learn to play a song of justice or freedom! Here are some good ones: This Land Is Your Land, City Of Immigrants, Redemption Song, If I Had A Hammer and Guantanamera.


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