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Chord of the Week: D/A (Alternate Voicing)

Chord of the Week: D/A (Alternate Voicing)

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Our chord of the day is an alternate version of D over A (D/A). It’s an alternate version of a normal D chord played with an open A string. In this case both E strings aren’t played and the F-Sharp is brought up from the high E (like in a normal D chord) and played with the 3rd Finger on the D string. It’s a great way to play a D/A in case you’ve popped your high E string in an epic jam! It can be heard perfectly as one of the two main chords in ‘Lick It Up’ by KISS.



FYI! Here’s the way a normal D/A is played. It’s a normal D chord with an open A string added to the strum!

Normal DoverA


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