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A: NYCGS Student Rate: $21/mo for an acoustic guitar, a classical guitar, or a 3/4 kid size guitar, or $31/month for an electric guitar or bass guitar including amp and cable. Not a NYCGS student? You pay an extra $20 per month. (But hey, Visitors, why not take some custom lessons while you are here!? Then you can be a student, too! :) There is also a deposit when you pick up the guitar, which is refunded when you bring the guitar back.
A: For acoustic guitars, we mostly rent out Yamaha 325s and Yamaha 335s or similar...these are workhorse student guitars, they are totally not fancy, but great for basic acoustic guitars. For electric, bass, etc. it's an exciting grab-bag, you never know what you are going to get, but it'll do the job!
Q: Can I rent the guitar for only a day or two?
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