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Want to Play in a Band, But Aren't Sure How to Get Started?

Do you want to play in a band, but aren’t sure how to get started?

  • How do you meet other musicians?
  • How do you organize rehearsals?
  • What if you have limited band experience or feel a little intimidated?
  • What if you’ve never recorded on a computer before and are not “tech-savvy”?

Fear not! If you want to collaborate with other musicians in a band, NYC Guitar School makes getting started easy.

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Virtual Rock Band Recording 101

In this 8 week course expert instructors will guide you through every step of your first recording experience, from checking your sound level and making a track to pressing record and getting that perfect lightning-in-a-bottle take. Meet on Zoom and collaborate with your classmates to record one or two covers or original songs using the cloud-based recording platform Soundtrap. Then dive into the basics of mixing and production where you will learn all about how to use EQ, panning, compressors and a plethora of other effects to enhance the sound of your track. Finish off the class with a virtual concert showcasing a music video of your song that we edit together for you out of video from your virtual recording session!

Requirements: No prior recording experience necessary! Guitarists should have completed Guitar I: Absolute Beginners or the equivalent.

More Classes Coming Soon...

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