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Guitar Classes for Kids & Teens from Beginners to Advanced

Guitar Classes for Kids & Teens from Beginners to Advanced

Guitar Classes for Kids & Teens

Rock Guitar Classes for Kids Ages 8-11 and Teens 12-17

• Weekly group classes.
• Experienced and enthusiastic teachers.
• A song based approach to maximize fun and motivation.
• Guitars provided in class.
• Materials provided.
• Discounted trial classes.

Song Based Guitar Classes For Fun (Skill Is A Byproduct)

Playing music is SO FUN. Yet somehow in our culture, it is pushed on many young people as a chore. And because there is so much to learn, often young players simply feel inadequate at higher and higher levels.

While we are proud that many of our students at NYC Guitar School have excelled in music and have continued to conservatory or even professional careers, the truth is that you don’t need to make music an academic obsession to have a lot of fun with it.

In the NYC Guitar School Rock Guitar Curriculum, the idea is to develop confidence and proficiency with a VERY LIMITED vocabulary of chords and skills. A successful outcome looks like a kid or teenager being able to play songs or even make up and sing songs with wild abandon using just a handful of chords.

We teach great techniques in the context of simple chords and strum patterns. Why? Because over and over we’ve learned that there are no downsides to young students developing great rhythm, good dexterity and a feeling of fun and confidence with basic chords.

If they want to continue learning with more advanced skills, they have a great foundation to move into private lessons or our Rock Band program.
And if they just want to enjoy knowing how to play songs for fun–that is also a win!

Think of the class as literal “play time”–just like kids playing basketball on the playground, improving even when they are just having fun and aren’t explicitly working on their jump shot or defensive stance…this class is best when the students are having fun just playing while also deepening their skills and confidence with friendly support.

How Classes Work

Each one hour class includes a level appropriate Warm Up, an Icebreaker to help connect, Concrete Coaching to develop and improve fundamental skills, and of course lots of Playing Along with great songs. At the end of each class, the teacher shares how today’s song and skills fit into the classes fuller Context, and students share Goals for their week of practice. (For younger kids there is also typically a music oriented break midway through the class, where the students put down their guitars and play a musical game.)

The curriculum cycles repeatedly to allow students to gradually master the basic skills at a given level. New students joining a group typically spend their first few weeks learning the level specific warm-up, which unlocks all learning and playing opportunities in a given class.

For KIDS 8-11 there are 3 class levels.

  • Level 1 is song based beginning with whole notes & small (partial) chords. Once students have a very high comfort level with the small chords, they learn full fingered basic chords. Students typically spend a year or more in Level 1 gaining confidence and skill with fundamental techniques.
  • Level 2 is song based with full open chords and mixed strumming patterns.
  • After Level 2, kids should go either into private lessons and or rock band and/or Kids Level 3, which is ensemble based.


For TEENS 12-16 there are 3 class levels.

  • Level 1 and Level 2 follow the adult beginners rock curriculum, except that there are more single note lines and riffs.
  • After Level 2 teens can continue with private lessons and/or rock band and/or Teen Level 3, which is ensemble based.

Upcoming Weekly Classes

All classes are available as a series of private lessons. Reach out to us at or call 646-485-7244 ext 1.

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