Fingerstyle Guitar Classes

Fingerstyle Guitar Classes

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What Do You Mean I Don't Need a Guitar Pick?

OH NO! We all know those moments when we reach for our guitar pick and it is nowhere to be found. Fear not!

Did you know that many, if not most, genres of guitar playing around the globe—from American blues and Carter Picking to Brazilian bossa nova and West African palmwine to classical, flamenco, folk and beyond—employ fingerstyle exclusively and never call for flatpicking at all? Uh, and “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac, of course 🙂

NYC Guitar School teacher Lenny Molotov literally wrote the book on folk fingerpicking. It’s a great way to begin exploring this vast and beautiful topic, and we are giving away the first chapter–to sample the Fingerstyle class with a free PDF download, just fill out this form.

You Will Learn:

  • Proper hand placement
  • Basic finger rolls and arpeggios
  • Songs by artists like Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, and more

WARNING: We think this is the clearest, most fun, funniest, and most motivating Fingerpicking Guitar Manual ever written—it is so mindblowing that we suggest making sure that you are sitting down with a guitar in your lap before downloading the chapter!

Getting started on your fingerstyle guitar adventure at NYC Guitar School is easy with a trial lesson or month of classes.

Let's Begin...

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Some of Our Awesome Students

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Fingerstyle Guitar Basics

Learn the basics of fingerstyle guitar with such songs as “Landslide” , “Blackbird”, “House of the Rising Sun”, “Dust in the Wind”, “Homeward Bound” and others. Absolutely no prior knowledge of fingerpicking needed. For students who have completed Guitar For Intermediate Beginners or who are otherwise familiar with basic open chords and strumming patterns. A copy of the course text, Fingerstyle Guitar Basics, written by our own Lenny Molotov is included in the tuition fee.
To register by phone please call.

Intermediate Fingerstyle Guitar

This class continues where Fingerstyle Guitar Basics leaves off. You will take Travis picking to the next level with classics like Dear Prudence and Don’t Think Twice (It’s Alright), the latter of which will be explored in a simplified version and then a more advanced rendition. Non-Travis stylings will also be covered in works like the Stairway To Heaven prologue and other more contemporary songs. For students who have completed Fingerstyle Basics For Beginners or who have some knowledge and facility with essential finger picking patterns.
To register by phone please call.

Fingerstyle Guitar Ensemble

Playing with other people is one of the most effective ways to improve and have more fun in the process! In this class, you will delve deeply into two to three songs as a group. You will learn parts, song structure, work on singing and playing, work out song arrangements, and perform with your classmates on Week 10! For students who have completed Fingerstyle Guitar Basics.
To register by phone please call.

Upcoming Classes

All classes are available as a series of private lessons. Reach out to us at or call 646-485-7244 ext 1.

  • "Thank you NYC Guitar School for nine years of engaging, professional, and fun lessons and activities. Our son Austin has grown to love his Suzuki guitar lessons with the ever-patient, encouraging, and amazing Rob. The children in his weekly group class have bonded into an endearing group of young musicians. The Suzuki camp offered each year is always a highlight of summer vacation and consistently scores two thumbs up! It’s hard to imagine a time when NYCGS wasn’t part of our child’s life. It has definitely made his life fuller and has filled our lives with beautiful music! We look forward to many more years at the school."
    Lisa H.
  • "I can honestly say that I've made more progress in six months than in the 2-3 years prior, trying to teach myself with apps and YouTube videos. The entire staff is awesome, and my teacher (Michelangelo) is excellent: patient, passionate, and personable. His curriculum always offers choices about what to play next, and it's music you actually know and like: no Greensleeves here. Unless, of course, you like Greensleeves. And then, there's the website: a cornucopia of resources, videos, charts, and good old motivation. Look no further: this is the guitar school you seek."
    Christopher H.
  • "Flexible... Service oriented... Knowledgeable... Patient... Excellent... Accommodating...
    Free resources, tools, and anything else you need to get there. I never feel embarrassed when I haven’t studied and come to class unprepared. Cannot recommend enough."
    Rukiya J.
  • "I was given a gift certificate to Brooklyn Guitar School after my wife researched it online. I had taken guitar lessons back in the Bronze Age when I was a kid, and I love music of all kinds (OK, maybe not too much disco or Dixieland at any one sitting, but otherwise, let 'er rip). BGS teaches a series of incremental skill- and song-based beginners classes that allow you to quickly learn chords, strums and technique, play cool songs right away, and have nearly illegal amounts of fun while you are doing so. Koby taught my Absolute Beginners classes and I have been with Michelangelo ever since. They are both accomplished professional musicians; and experienced, enthusiastic and patient teachers who make sure you get it right while you're having a great time. Taking group lessons also allows you to interact with other noobies, support each other and learn together. The school also sponsors open house sessions, sing-alongs and vocal classes, and group performances. They sponsored an ACLU fundraiser by teaching "Songs of Peace and Freedom" (This Land Is Your Land, For What Its Worth, Redemption Song, City of Immigrants, If I Had A Hammer). We played the songs again in Union Square Park this past June. The school has a wonderful funky, laid-back vibe; and is welcoming to old and young students alike. The staff is uniformly cool and helpful-they can't do enough for you (from suggestions about buying an instrument to helping replace a busted E string.) So I am over a year into my studies, a proud graduate of their "Beginner" classes; and it's just great to be able to fell like I can actually "make music" every so often. I can't imagine learning anywhere else."
    Andrew E.
  • "Been 2 years since I wrote the review below. This past performance at the Way Station in Brooklyn moved me to write a second one. Never would believe I would play on stage with fellow performers. Brooklyn Guitar School gave me that opportunity. Everyone works to create a safe place to grow and express your abilities despite doubts that players always have about themselves. Despite the fear that comes when performing. Teachers and fellow students are very positive and supportive so you are not afraid to get out there. Safe and also real. REAL ROCK... REAL ROCK AND ROLL. ----- Two thumbs up for Brooklyn Guitar School! I played guitar in my teens but could never get past basic open chords. Three years ago I started lessons at Brooklyn Guitar School. The fit was so right for me. Comfortable environment where everyone, young and old, experienced and novice, is welcomed and valued. The instructors are accomplished professionals in their own right, and all know how to teach different types of styles to different types of players. Private lessons are great, and in Performance classes students play with other students. This allows players to come together in a "band' and perform both at the music center and at a local establishments... and there is nothing like the real thing to build confidence and musicianship. And if you are part of the Brooklyn Guitar School, you are also a part of a citywide Guitar School, with opportunities in Manhattan and Queens as well as Brooklyn. So if you are looking to grow musically, I highly recommend checking them out. The place is right, the people are right, and the price is right."
    Linda A.
  • "I have been taking lessons with Nick for over a year now. My weekly lesson has become the highlight of my week. The school is great and Nick is an awesome teacher. He can teach any song or style, breaking it down into easy to learn bits. So far I can play Redemption Song, Wish You Were Here, Proud Mary, San Tropez, and Summertime among others. He teaches me how to correct mistakes and drill down more challenging parts and has the answers to any music related questions that I have. I highly recommend Nick and The New York City Guitar School. It's the best money I have ever spent! Try it, I am sure you will agree!"
    Mark P.
  • "The first thing I want to say is that I hope everyone is staying safe during these unprecedented times. I have been a student of the NYC Guitar School for quite some time, about 5 years. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this school. I am currently taking Guitar Ensemble at the Brooklyn school and Absolute Beginners for Bass at the Midtown school. Recently, my classes have been moved online. While I was skeptical, at first, I have been amazed at the experience. I may feel like I've gone down the rabbit hole, but being able to continue my guitar lessons is providing a little bit of stability at this time. Don't be afraid of online classes. They are just as amazing as the classes at the school. Both of my classes are group classes and the transition to online group classes was seamless. I am thrilled to be able to continue forward on my musical journey and the NYC Guitar School are the best guides I could ever ask for. They are amazing musicians and leaders. I hope that we will be able to come together soon, in the meantime, this is a wonderful alternative. If need be, I will continue in these lessons online until such time as we are released from our current situation. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Dan Emery and all the members of the NYC Guitar School who are doing everything possible to help us to keep making music together."
    Eletra J.
  • "I've been taking classes here for several years now. I came to learn one instrument, and, after about a year, realized I was more interested in a different instrument. My teacher was not only capable of teaching multiple instruments, but offered me wisdom and advice when I decided to pick up a new instrument (brands, pricing, what's the best tuner, gig bag, etc.). I can't say enough positive things about Brooklyn Guitar School—highly recommend."
    Hope Anne N.
  • "I love this place! My son takes a private lesson while I take a group class. We also performed in a special 'birthday showcase' last summer because our birthdays are close together. Best Guitar School Ever!"
    Marquina I.
  • "I can't say enough wonderful things about this school. I've been taking classes at BGS for 3 years and have gone from only being able to play a couple of chords to feeling confident enough to perform at open mics. I've been taking Kyle's ensemble class for over a year and it's the highlight of my week. He is a talented musician and an incredible teacher who does a great teaching us technique and theory in a laid back, patient manner. He's also just a really wonderful person! It's been great getting to know everyone at the school-- they are so supportive and helpful, it feels like family. Taking classes at BGS has actually gotten me through some tough times. I always knew I had it to look forward to no matter what. Thank you to Ivan, Kyle and everyone for creating such a special place to learn music!"
    Michele B.


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