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Performance Ensembles

Performance Ensembles

Performance Ensembles

Classroom Instruction & A Live Show

Rehearse and perform! Playing with other people is one of the most effective ways to improve – and have more fun in the process!


Learn to Play and Perform in A Group Setting

In this four week class, you will delve deeply into one song as a group. You will learn parts and song structure, improve your playing and/or singing, develop song arrangements, learn to listen to other players, and finally perform with your classmates on stage at a NYC Club! Class includes four one-hour rehearsals plus a show. These classes are best with a range of skills and interests–singers, lead guitar players, rhythm guitar players, etc. So sign up, transform your playing, make friends and make music!

Tuition: $300 non-members / Free for NYC Guitar School Class Members

Prerequisites: Guitar: Complete Level 7 or above of the NYC Guitar School basic levels or otherwise be confident with open chords, mixed strums, arpeggios, playing individual notes, etc. Vocals: Complete 1+ years of vocal classes or lessons at NYCGS or otherwise have the recommendation of your teacher (just check with your teacher for permission). Students must be able to attend all four rehearsals and the show, and will need to practice a lot on their own as well. Due to popular demand, students may only enroll in one ensemble/rock band at a time. Ensemble enrollment opens first for members of any drop-in classes which will temporarily be replaced by 4-week ensembles, then for Annual Members, and finally for the general student body.

FAQs: How many people perform? Typically there are 5 or so guitarists playing a range of parts and several singers who harmonize and/or sing different sections, but the guitar to singer ratio may change depending on the ensemble. When are Performance Ensembles offered? Four times per year, culminating in opening for the seasonal rock band program showcases in a NYC nightclub. Do I have to bring my own guitar? For rehearsal, no…for the show, yes.


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