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Alex Genadinik: Touched by a Song

Alex Genadinik: Touched by a Song

Singer/Songwriter (and NYC Guitar School student) Alex Genadinik has released a new song in his series of passionate and romantic songs inspired by great art and artists of the past, and by their philosophies.

The latest entry is a serene and tender romantic song with poetic lyrics inspired by Shakespeare. Alex says “Shakespeare has a famous quote “Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs.” I took inspiration from that quote.”

The song is entitled “Wind of Sighs”. The lyrics and music are gentle and tender, and the meaning is slightly ambiguous. Is it a breakup song? Is it a song about a lost love or missing someone? Whatever it is, it is romantic, melodious and dream. Alex adds “Because of the slow and gentle nature of this song, it can also be called a romantic ballad. It’s also very dreamy. You can relax while listening to this song, and let your mind drift away to pleasant daydreams. The feel of this song is very tender. I tried to infuse the song with meaning, and make it emotional. Enjoy!”

Listen to the song and find out more about Alex’s music here.

For more music and info, visit Alex’s home page at:


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