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9 Essential Online Resources for Guitar Students

9 Essential Online Resources for Guitar Students

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The internet is a magical place and if you know what you’re looking for it can be the most powerful tool in the guitar student’s arsenal! Check out these 15 links and kick your playing into high gear!

1. GuitarLessons.NYC
If you’re enrolled in classes or private lessons at NYC Guitar School you get free access to one of our five online classes. Get your 100% off promo code from the office by stoping by or emailing them at This is our most powerful resource. Don’t miss out!

2. Chord Dictionary
There are lots of places to learn new chords. The best way is to learn new songs but if you’re just looking to browse some new chords try our chord dictionary. It has the unique function of being able to click view beginner versions of chords. Just click “beg” and it will show you easy versions of any chord!

3. Guitar Hacks for Beginners
Our new 100% free course features content from all five of our core classes, clips from our live seminar and exclusive content. How to sing and play at the same time, how to teach yourself songs and much more. It’s great for all levels!

4. Lick of the Month
We do a lick of the month every single month. Check out this youtube playlist and learn all 78!

5. Chord of the Week
Every now and then we feature a chord of the week. These are sus chords and slash chords and sometimes easy versions of more difficult barre chords. Expand you chord vocabulary!

6. Strum Library
How many strumming patterns are there? Infinite! Infinite strumming patterns! But don’t worry. You can check out some of the really common ones in our strum library. They’ll loop over and over again until you get it.

6. Chord Loop
I made this website as a resource for my songwriters class. It has a simple chord progression generator, songwriting assignments and even a song idea generator that will give you fun suggestions like “Write a song which is a lament for a teacher that carried the world”.

7. Chord Chart Websites

The best way to find the chords to your favorite songs is to simply google the title and the word chords. If you do that you will usually end up at a site like, e-chords or ultimate-guitar. Just keep clicking until you find a chart that you like. Also check out our song library for a list of songs with videos and links that we’ve specifically picked out for you!

8. Events
Our most successful students are the ones who perform at our showcases and open mics. Find out when you can sign up and when you can come out and support your fellow student on our events calendar!

9. Lead Guitar Exercises and Scales
Download this free pdf of the most important guitar scales, blues licks and exercises to transform yourself into a monster lead guitar player!


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