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Details And FAQs

A: Online classes or lessons are exactly the same format as in-person classes and private lessons with the exact same teachers — only you get to play from the comfort of your own home. Instruction is real-time and all you need is your guitar, Internet connection, a computer, or a mobile device.

A: No, it’s super easy! We use a platform called Zoom, which works across virtually any operating system or device. After you schedule your lesson, we will email you a link for the lesson. Just save that email, and then click the link before the lesson begins.

A: This is the number one question we get asked by new students. Meeting a teacher and starting to learn guitar online can be both exciting and–depending on how much experience you have with taking lessons online–a bit daunting. But we’ll help you get ready step by step. When you sign up, we’ll send you a link for a test meeting to make sure that your equipment is ready for your lesson. If you need to download an app or an extension, you’ll be prompted to do so. Just follow the prompts!

And of course, if you have ANY QUESTIONS we are standing by to help at 646-485-7244 or via email us at

A: Sure! First, make sure that your equipment is ready for your lesson by going to a test meeting here. If you need to download an app or an extension, you’ll be prompted to do so. Just follow the prompts! If you have any questions at all, visit FAQs here or call us at 646-485-7244 or email us at We would LOVE to help you!

Oh, and of course you don’t want your first lesson to be interrupted by technical issues! Check your lesson time and give yourself some extra time before your first lesson to make sure that your internet signal is strong and that your video and microphone are working. Watch this fun video for a step by step checklist to make sure that you are totally ready!

2-Minute VIDEO: “How To Get Ready For Your First Online Guitar Lesson.”

A: For an absolute beginner, classes would progress as follows: Guitar for Absolute Beginners is followed in order by Guitar for Near Beginners, Guitar for Intermediate Beginners, Guitar Workshop and finally Guitar for Advanced Beginners. After that students can take a wide variety of electives, including Guitar Ensemble, Lead Guitar, Fingerstyle Guitar or even a Rock Band.

A: No problem! There are three great options to go over missed materials. First, every student gets free lifetime access to hundreds of video tutorials and practice sessions, so you can simply watch and learn along with the prerecorded video of the session you missed. Secondly, you can drop in on the same session of a different section of your class—for free. Finally, we offer discounted private make-up lessons for students who want to go over their missed class one-on-one. To book a make-up group class or private lesson, just call the school at 646-485-7244.

A: Call us at 646-485-7244 and we’ll be happy to refer you to a good guitar store and recommend a good guitar in your price range.


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